by Amanda

It is a really big deal and so we are thinking very hard about whether or not we are going to hire an outside powerpoint service company to help us with the display we are going to put on. This is going to happen at a big trade show in Las Vegas and we are going to be giving the same show for a bunch of potential clients, and so shall most of our major competitors. We are going to be going head to head against them and the truth is that we are really feeling all of the competition. In fact the company made a pretty serious misstep before I was here and we have just now started to recover from it. If we could get some big contracts it would be a huge help, although it is a lot easier for me to say this than it is for the others. I do not really have much to do with the part that happens after we get the contract. Other people have to do the hard part of it.

At any rate I have a big date as well. One of our competitors hired away this girl that I used to date when I was just starting out. We have kept in touch and she invited me to go out to see a show. I know that she does the hiring for her new employer and so I am really curious as to whether or not this is all personal or if there is an element of business. Since I have no girlfriend at the moment I have no real down side to it. That is not like it used to be, since there is a policy about that sort of thing and you do not want to get caught dating a co worker.

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